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How does Merchant AI work

with Walmart?

Walmart is one of the largest eCommerce marketplace in the world, with 110 million unique visitors. Walmart allows their third party vendors to set the prices for the products in their portfolio, so you need a tool that can maximize turning browsing visitors into purchasing customers. Merchant AI is an all-in-one tool for managing your portfolio on Walmart and growing your brand.

A Reliable Forecast

Walmart relies on you to manage your product portfolio, which includes pricing and generating your own forecast. Merchant AI generates a forecast that is reliable and realistic. Our forecast adjusts for stock-outs, promotions, and missing data points. The Walmart Marketplace has fewer sellers that are competing for the buy box. You will have an advantage over your competitors that do not have a forecasting tool.

Product Price History

Using the product price history across multiple channels, including Walmart, allows us to identify seasonality patterns, customer purchasing habits, and opportunities to promote products to reach your customers at the right time. We also use Walmart's price history as one data source to generate an accurate forecast. Since sellers control the product pricing on the Walmart Marketplace, we want to prevent a "race to the bottom" situation where you lose money because your competition is dropping the prices on products you sell. Merchant AI connects the history of your products and similar substitute products for a clear picture of upcoming performance.

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Higher Standards

In order to be a seller on Walmart's Marketplace, you need to have high Seller Performance Standards. Maintaining a Order Defect Rate of 2% or lower is required to maintain a seller account for Walmart. Merchant AI provides an all-in-one channel management tool that monitors the performance of your products and alerts you when there is an issue or a potential issue on the horizon. With Merchant AI, you will have a tool that is able to keep an eye on your product portfolio, alert you when there is an issue to address, and expedite the resolutions for your customers. We want you to maintain your status on the Walmart Marketplace and grow your online presence in online commerce.  

Performance Metrics:

Order Defect Rate < 2%

On-Time Shipments > 99%

Tracking Info for >95% of products

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