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Merchant AI's White Paper on Maximizing a Vendor’s Order to Cash Profit Margins on Amazon

For many vendors Amazon is an important and inescapable channel for their products. Amazon has grown by competing on cost, service and selection to its customers, driving for scale and speed in its own operations and by passing back costs to vendors for any go-to-market costs that Amazon performs on their behalf.  To further squeeze vendors, Amazon has pushed for the best deal on pricing and the shortest lead time to deliver to Amazon’s numerous and far-flung fulfillment centers. At every stage of production, packaging, shipping, and receiving, Amazon is liable to bill brands for either chargebacks or shortages if there is any unrecognized product or anything not aligned with Amazon’s rigorous standards. All these deductions negatively impact brand revenue and hurt profitability. What can be done? Brands must learn how to effectively combat shortages and chargebacks to reclaim their channel margins.


Merchant AI offers a focused web-based Financial Assistant™ application to recover revenue and margin leakages from Amazon’s Vendor Order to Cash (O2C) processes. This application makes vendor personnel more productive by automatically acquiring Vendor Central financial data, tracking the status of all invoices and claims, automating raising Disputes and Cases, preparing Open Balance Statements and finally closing invoices in your financial system of record.

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