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Business Solutions for Seller Central

Merchant Assistant downloads Seller Central data daily and integrates with business intelligence tools to create powerful and interactive dashboards for your clients 

Seller Reports

Merchant Assistant downloads Seller Central Business Reports every day. By tracking sales and traffic daily, reporting can be easily rolled up to any report frequency, grouping, or granularity.

Merchant Assistant also pulls down the most recent customer returns, orders, and inventory reports. 

Available Seller Central Downloads
Integrated Data

If you have a hybrid model, products on Seller Central and Vendor Central, you can combine data from both sources to derive a complete reporting performance report across your portfolio. Seller Central data is tracked by ASIN and SKU for accuracy and completeness of data

Seller Central and Vendor Central Hybrid dashboard
Online Data Connector

All of the data collected from Seller Central is available through OData. Any business intelligence tool, such as Power BI, Tableau, or Excel, can access the data collected by Merchant Assistant if the tool has an OData connection capability. 

Simply refresh your OData connection and receive the latest data from Seller Central directly into your existing reports.


Merchant Assistant can publish data into a cloud database, such as Snowflake or Azure, that you can query directly and manage internally.

Merchant Assistant Data Cloud
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