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All-In-One Channel Management Tool

Merchant AI gathers all the information you need in one place for quick and easy business management. View different aspects of your business in each available dashboard before jumping into your reports.

Catalog Management

Manage your product catalog more effectively with catalog master data management.

  • Set the status of an item

  • User attribute overrides and know when they differ from what Amazon is presenting to the customer

  • Track when a product has been incorrectly mapped and loses manufacturing view

Actionable Marketing

View advertising metrics at the top portfolio level and drill down all the way to a single keyword

  • Aggregated metrics at each level of the advertising hierarchy

  • Calculated ROAS for easy sorting by value

  • Filtering to quickly navigate to a specific campaign or a keyword's performance across campaigns

Sales Performance

Several different views of your products to dive into future projected performance, current sales volumes, and overall brand metrics against the competition

  • Per-ASIN forecasting and replenishment forecasts based on Amazon's provided forecast or a user-defined formula for projection

  • Year-over-year sales and Purchase Order performance for a company

  • Competitor brand targeting and market share analysis of your business

Inventory and Order Status

Replenishment forecasting prepares your business to have enough inventory to meet the demand and fulfill orders

  • Scenario planning for inventory readiness against several forecasts

  • User-defined replenishment forecasting can use the Amazon provided forecasts or modify an existing forecast with a formula to align closer to historical performance

  • View the distribution of Purchase Orders, Direct Fulfillment orders, Fulfillment by Amazon or Merchant orders

Order to Cash

Opportunities to review and chase open orders or disputes and fees claimed by Amazon 

  • Open purchase orders or orders that have shortages or price variances

  • Invoices currently unpaid or should be disputed to get your reimbursements

  • Approved or Denied disputes can be reopened or challenged sooner when you have all of the information in one place

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