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Merchant Assistant Web Extension

Merchant Assistant connects directly to your Vendor Central data, delivering detailed insights for a product directly on its Amazon page

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How it works

From Amazon's Reports to your product page

The Merchant Assistant web extension connects directly to your Merchant Assistant server to provide you with the latest Vendor Central data. When the latest forecast, sales, inventory, traffic, and other Vendor Central reports are downloaded, those metrics become available on any ASIN product page for ASINs in your catalog. 

Data Available in the Extension

All major reports readily available

Several Vendor Central and Seller Central reports are available through the web extension. Forecast, Traffic, Inventory, Sales, Purchase Orders, product detail information, and more is available to plot and combine into custom charts. All data is tracked over time in both weeks and months. You can plot orders over the past 13 months, see the next 26 weeks of the sales forecast, and much more.

Custom Charts

Combine data plots together on a single chart

Combine data points together on a single chart to see how a particular product is performing. Plot glance views, product price, third-party prices and lost buy box percentage on a single chart. View sales history, ordered revenue, and the latest mean forecast to past performance with future potential. Make as many charts as you want and get immediate insight into your portfolio, right on the product page.

Private and Shared Charts

Private and Shared charts for your organiztion

Any charts can be private or shared with your peers. Experiment, see what charts are the most insightful, and share with your organization. All charts are kept on your Merchant Assistant server and are automatically kept up to date. All your private and shared charts are available as you move product pages or product variations.

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