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Connect to Merchant Assistant through Excel

Merchant Assistant connects directly to Microsoft's Excel to easily integrate into existing reporting workflow and improve productivity

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Connect to Your Data

Merchant Assistant Connector

You can connect to Merchant Assistant through the "Get Data" dialog from Excel. Once you log in to the OData connector using your Merchant Assistant credentials, you can import data directly into a spreadsheet and use our reports for your analysis and charting. Plug your existing expressions and formulas into the OData feed and your expressions will always have the latest data

No More Copy and Paste

One-Click Refresh

When Merchant Assistant downloads the latest reports from Vendor Central, refresh your queries to pull any new data for the week into your established expressions. There is no maintenance of existing source data or expressions

Power Query Data Model

Combine data using Power Query's data model

Power query is native to Excel and allows you to create relationships between data tables to make new and powerful queries and analytics. Combine Traffic, Inventory, Sales, Forecast, or any data you want to determine what is driving your sales and if you have the capacity and plan to grow your business

Powerful Dashboards

Make data-driven decisions

Create meaningful and effective charts and dashboards, that are updated each week with a simple refresh, for your clients or business. Merchant Assistant takes the pain out of managing source tables and manual downloads, emphasizing more time on data analysis, dashboards, and reporting to clients  

Excel Dashboards
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