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Merchant Assistant stages data in several databases and data lakes

Merchant Assistant can stage all data into databases and data lakes, such as PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Redshift, Azure, and Aurora

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Staging data in a Database

Fast and Scalable Solution

All data in Merchant Assistant can be pushed into a database and staged to be queried directly and quickly. Database tables are automatically updated with the latest data from Amazon and any dashboards connected through a direct query or import pipeline results in improved performance over a traditional OData query. Merchant Assistant can push data into any relational database or columnar database.

Database Report Translation

Massage Data in the database

Once the reports have been pushed into your database of choice, tables can be massaged and customized so that the tables are clean and ready to be imported into any live dashboards. Through database scripts, you can pivot, refine, partition, and remove any rows needed.

Long term storage

Store the historical data on the database for access

By storing all the data on a database or in a data lake, you will have access to all the data from the beginning of data collection to reference. Even when the data is no longer relevant and has rolled off the reporting calendar, all the downloaded reports will be available to ad-hoc analytics.

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