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Automate E-Commerce

Merchant Assistant connects you to your data for faster, reliable, and in-depth analysis

No Credit Card Required.

Accelerating your ability to process data and integrating cloud databases with live connected dashboards, powered by Merchant AI and Merchant Assistant 

Merchant Assistant

Marketplace Reports


Advertising Performance


Merchant Assistant data service

Automatically Updated Dashboards 

Cloud database persistent storage

When the latest reports are downloaded, existing dashboards connected to Merchant Assistant are updated to show the latest product performance

Each report downloaded updates your database, guaranteeing the right product is updated with the latest information and tracked over time

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Order to Cash

Merchant Assistant can identify opportunities to reconcile incomplete Invoices and Purchase Orders by exposing outstanding balances and various fulfillment fees applied to orders across your business

Available cloud technologies
Excel data connector for Merchant Assistant


Azure  data connector for Merchant Assistant


Power BI data connector for Merchant Assistant

Power BI

PostgresQL  data connector for Merchant Assistant


Tableau data connector for Merchant Assistant


Redshift  data connector for Merchant Assistant


Snowflake  data connector for Merchant Assistant


Standard Feature List
Vendor Central and Seller Central Reports

Automated Report Downloads

Download Vendor Central and Seller Central reports from all marketplaces automatically to have the latest reports as soon as they are available. Merchant Assistant will update each product using a unique identifier, assuring that your top products are up-to-date with the latest performance metrics

Power BI Dashboard

Unified Product Performance

Product data from sales, inventory, traffic, advertising, or any report we download together into reports that are available in Excel or your business intelligence tool of choice. External data sources are also available to have a complete, non-biased representation of product performance and direction

Vendor Central Web Extension

Product Page web extension

The Merchant Assistant web extension a product's Vendor Central and Seller Central data, as well as Merchant Assistant analytics, directly on the product's Amazon product page

Amazon Product Classification

Product Classification

Create a custom product classification to categorize and organize your product portfolio. Classifications allow for aggregations and drilldown into products that may be under- or over-performing, for categories that are customized to your business

Excel Dashboard for Vendor Central

OData Connector

All user reports in Merchant Assistant are available to connect through OData to any business intelligence software, such as Excel, Tableau, and Power BI

Performance Trends for your brands over time

Product Dashboards

Various standard dashboards are available to track product health,  sell in and sell out performance, and progress over time. View the latest forecasts or advertising metrics to see the latest status at a glance

Vendor Central Replenishment Forecast

Replenishment Forecast

Compare Amazon's forecast against Merchant Assistant's replenishment forecast which accounts for Purchase Orders, Opening Inventory, Sales figures, and Lead times to see when the right time to restock your best products will be


Vendor Central PostgreSQL Database

Database Connectors

Report data in Merchant Assistant can be exported into several databases: PostgrSQL, Redshift, Snowflake, and Aurora

Amazon File storage into any cloud file system

Persistent Cloud storage

Cloud storage of hard copies of the raw report downloads on OneDrive and Google Drive. Each file downloaded is replicated in the Cloud to download onto your local machine

Enhanced analytics tool for every business on Amazon

Merchant Assistant is for companies that sell or advertise on Amazon and want to improve their data analytics. Combine Amazon vendor, seller, and advertising data together to see how you are performing on Amazon's eCommerce marketplaces.

If you are a vendor or seller without advertising, Merchant Assistant is also useful for improving your analytics and providing insight into your performance on Amazon

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