Reliable, Fast, Complete forecasting

Merchant AI creates a forecast that is updated in real-time, adjusting for product price changes or on hand inventory levels.

By factoring in price changes, seasonality patterns, and nonavailability periods, we can provide a reliable and accurate forecast to guide your business.

Improved Forecasting

Stock Outs

Last month you ran out of stock in for one week...

How will running out of stock affect your next forecast?

Price Changes

Amazon's forecast ignores price changes...

How are you accounting for a recent change in price?


Selling season is just around the corner...

Are you prepared to keep up with wavering demand?

Automate eCommerce

Intelligent Forecast Downloading

Merchant Assistant is ready to get the latest file at any time, day or night. Ready to automatically download the latest product forecast from the eCommerce marketplace you sell on and store the data for measuring accuracy and reliability.

Product Detail Views

Drill down from the marketplace view to the individual products to identify outliers or opportunities. Filter forecast data to see what you need to improve portfolio performance or launch straight into a product page to see what improvements can be made to turn those glances into sales.

Fast and Reliable

Save time and focus on what is important to you and your business with a fast and accurate forecast that adjusts with your portfolio.