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Vendor Central Reporting

Merchant Assistant automates downloading Vendor Central reports, standardizes reporting across marketplaces, and updates your reports every day so you have more time to spend with your clients and growing your business

Automated Downloads

Merchant Assistant downloads reports directly from Vendor Central and imports the data into the client database. The current list of reports being downloaded:

  • Product Catalog

  • Market Forecasts

  • Sales and Inventory Programs and Distributors

  • Traffic Detail

  • Purchase Orders

  • Chargebacks

  • Item Costs

  • Remittances

  • Net PPM

  • Purchase Behavior

  • Promotions

  • Coupons

  • Search Terms

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Data Refinement

Merchant Assistant collects hundreds of reports for each company and region. Reports are collected, processed, and tracked over time by product, which allows for the flexibility to report at the product level or roll up to view performance across the portfolio.

Data is resampled every day, making sure that you have the latest figures from Amazon.


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Premium Reporting

By storing Vendor Central data in a custom database, Merchant Assistant can provide similar premium reporting features that Amazon charges extra for, including:

  • Weekly and Monthly hard copies of data

  • Product Catalog Custom Classification

  • Cross-company data aggregation

  • Product Catalog integrity checks

  • 3rd Party seller identifier

  • API Files at Monthly, Weekly, and Daily level

  • Complete views of Invoices and Purchase order fees or disputes in progress

  • Hard copies of reports only available through the UI

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