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Market Sensing

Real-time, automated, marketplace monitoring

Merchant AI is monitoring the marketplace and notifying you when any product changes could affect your portfolio. You will always have the most recent market data and be ready to beat your competition at any moment.


24/7 Marketplace Monitoring

Automatic Report Downloading

Merchant Assistant will download reports from Amazon's Vendor Central, Seller Central, and Advertising automatically. You can specify any time of the day, week, or month that you want to check for new reports and download the files into your system

Multi-channel Monitoring

The Merchant Assistant monitors multiple channels in real time and listens for price changes, lost buy box, or new reviews. 

Historical Data Storage

After downloading Amazon reports, we store those files on your own Merchant AI server.  You can also manually import files you have downloaded and let Merchant Assistant help you track your progress over time.


Market Reports

Detailed Product Reports

Merchant-AI offers a detailed and easy to understand report of changes in your product portfolio. The report is constantly updated while you are offline, and ready on your next log in.

Export Reports to Excel

Export your data into Excel to create your own reports. See your product information: MAP, Amazon new price ranges, time-phased sales history, and successful glance view percentage by product.


OData Integration


All reports are available though Odata

After building reports in Merchant Assistant, you can connect to your reports from any OData capable business intelligence tool, like Tableau or Power BI

Automatically updated reports

Each week when new data is published on Amazon, you can refresh your OData-connected reports and get the latest data - no copy and pasting (or downloading) required!

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