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Amazon Advertising

Combine advertising results with Vendor or Seller data to monitor advertising performance, identify opportunities, and continue reaching the right customers for your clients

Daily Ad Downloads

Merchant Assistant includes all available ad reports through Amazon Advertising API:

  • Profiles

  • Portfolios

  • Sponsored Product Campaigns

  • Sponsored Display Campaigns

  • Sponsored Brand Campaigns

  • Ad groups

  • Keywords

  • Targeting

All advertising metrics are stored over time and collected daily, giving you clarity on advertising performance and the effects of changes in bids, budgets, or any other ad control.


Hard copies of the data are also stored on your server to keep a historical record and provide transparency to clients.

Keyword Wordcloud

Complete Analytics

Whether you are advertising as a Vendor or Seller, tie the advertising data to the Vendor Central or Seller Central data to see if the money spent on advertising is being utilized in the best way possible.

Combine the Vendor or Seller reports with the Advertising performance to get a complete look at the performance your portfolio.

Advertising cycle for Vendors and Sellers

Enhanced Ad Attributes

Add custom attributes to your ads to create custom roll-up groups for performance tracking and directing ads to the right people.


Additional attributes can improve reporting advertising performance to clients and matching ad campaigns to desired strategy. 

Shipped COGS over time with advertising events
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