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Everything that you need in an eCommerce management solution

As an eCommerce Brand Manager for one or more brands within your company, dealing with inaccurate forecasts and preparing your baseline data is time consuming. Each market provides you with a different forecast, and aligning forecasts, identifying potential issues and causes, and the impact on your business can become overwhelming with a large product catalog. Our all-in-one channel management tool expedites your daily tasks so there is more time to promote your top performing products and devote attention to your entire product portfolio.

Promotion and Keyword Assistance

Improve your promotions and product page performance

Automated Forecasting

Product Forecast that corrects for irregularities and inventory availability

Multi-Channel Monitoring

Keep an eye on your entire product catalog across all major marketplaces


Improved Product Page Keywords and Promotions

See what keywords are missing from your pages and identify promotion opportunities

Make sure customers are seeing your products and clicking on your pages with improved keywords and taking advantage of promotion opportunities. We identify keywords that are missing from your page so your products remain competitive. Our machine learning algorithms identify the best times to promote your top-performing products and which e-commerce marketplaces will reach the most customers.


Automated Product Forecasts

Using machine learning, we generate a new product forecast when you need it

Our product forecasts are generated using machine learning, which corrects for inventory stock-outs, product price changes, and normalizes sales data. We monitor the major e-commerce markets and align the product forecasts to be in the best position to generate sales for your business. You will have a forecast that is reliable, actionable and no longer requires manual adjustments.


Multi-Channel Portfolio Monitoring

Keep an eye on all of your products from your custom portfolio dashboard

Multi-channel product monitoring allows you to make sure your products are competing on every market. Align products across all channels and make sure that they are in the best position to reach your customers. If any changes to your products occur, you will be notified and you will be able to react faster than your competitors. 

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