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Amazon connectors to Big Data

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Over the past several months Merchant AI has developed the capability to collect and distribute data from Amazon Vendor Central, Seller Central and Advertising on behalf of clients into their data stores of choice via various standard push or pull mechanisms. To get clients started, we programmatically download all the Amazon channel history available through Brand Analytics / ARA / Seller Central portals across each Amazon marketplaces. This task can be a massive exercise for multi-nationals with many regional accounts and whose accounts are a legacy of previous organizational decisions. There are about 1,000 files per account for operations data in just the Retail sales view for those with Manufacturing and Sourcing visibility --- and a multiplier on that for companies participating in Prime Now, Business and Fresh Programs as well. Beyond just downloading, organizing and meaningfully renaming all the files, Merchant AI can also curate this data into a form amenable to your data warehouse of choice to ensure currencies and dates are meaningfully and reliably captured. This data can be made available in various forms such as Excel (with aggregate and detail views), csv and Parquet and OData. Recognizing the typical state of most enterprises' account data we have developed techniques to clean up the data and identify anomalies to be raised as issues with Amazon e.g. Manufacturer catalog mappings. We can also facilitate mapping to your the Model, SKU and Manufacturer Part Numbers used by enterprise planning systems. Throughout this data pipeline, both on initial data loading and with each day or week of new data, we run integrity checks. Such integrity checks are vitally important in the next generation of data pipelines that fed such data into the business systems without human review. We offer this as a subscription service and have experience of working with tools as diverse as SAP Hana, BigQuery, PowerBI, Tableau, Anaplan and others including, f course Excel/PowerQuery.

If you would like to discuss your ideas and what it takes to feed your data warehouse, dashboards or more value adding applications such as ML or predictive analytics, please call us!


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