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The Amazon Assistant is a 24/7 cloud-based subscription service that is monitoring the Amazon generated alerts, as well as external data services, on your behalf.

The Assistant filters out the noise to highlight what is important for the human manager to address.

Monitors Amazon product price changes, price elasticity, and volume trends to re-forecast market demand, then considers stock on hand and inbound order to identify potential stock outs, promotional opportunities, or low likelihood of reordering due to lack of Amazon profit.

In addition, monitors product pages for unlicensed competition and uses machine learning for keyword analysis to compare sales trends with similarly featured products to determine market share gains and losses that might merit promotional attention.

This insight forms the basis for the prioritized issues presented to the user in the Alert Management application.

Alert Management

Alert Management can take the prioritized issues recognized by the Amazon Virtual Assistant and present as a to-do list. Issues are prioritized based on their urgency and financial importance to your business. Alerts can also originate from non-Amazon sources internal to the Merchant-AI application, e.g. a recommendation that the regional distribution center inventory target might need to be increased.

Relevant diagnostic information is presented as URLs for your inspection. e.g. A link to the low-cost competitor price drop that Amazon responded to.

Assuming you agree with the relevance of the alert (you might choose to ignore a 1-day only flash sale), Alert Management has already estimated the implications in terms of extra sales and projected inventory on hand.

  • Price elasticity assumptions

  • forecast volume effects

  • inventory availability given stock on hand and projected deliveries​

  • financial implications, both cash and accounting profit

Assuming you agree with the implications, Alert Management will help you rapidly revise the forecast, decrease advertising spending, and expedite product availability.

In an alternate scenario, a marketplace price increase might trigger a recommendation of an extra advertising campaign by increasing your PPC (pay-per-click) bids and budget. 

Screenshot of dashboard alerts

Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Manager helps compare the relative performance of products, product categories, and channels in your portfolio by various measures: 

  • profitability of products in that market

  • product contribution and cash requirements

  • ROIC (Return on invested capital)

  • Cost-to-serve

As a result, you may choose to scout for more products in promising categories or conversely cull products that are a drag on your economics once they stock out.

In addition to product and marketplace insights, Portfolio Management tracks buyer, supply chain, and supplier metrics to help you evaluate costs, overhead, effort, and productivity of your business.

Profitability Optimizer

Detailed reports are necessary to understand and grow your business. The Profitability Optimizer will help you decide where to spend the next dollar in your business. Using Cost To Serve reports, you will see where your money is going and make more informed decisions on how to improve.

Identify under and over performing products

Compare sales performance with competing products

Identify promotional opportunities and their returns

Revisit selling prices to maximize chances of a reorder

Grow your business

Reach new markets and increase your monthly sales

Strengthen your business across multiple channels

Reach your goals

Exceed your sales goals and expectations

Expand into new markets

Merchant AI expedites tasks that are normally tedious and time consuming, such as researching price changes or maintaining product forecasts, and allows marketing agents to provide valuable analysis to their clients. With the research completed in the background and the forecast generated by real-time market data, you can spend more time on the entire portfolio of products instead of focusing only on the top performers. We want to give you a tool that can provide a complete analysis of a brand or channel and you can turn that into profits for your clients.

Our software allows your agents to spend less time correcting Amazon's forecast and researching price changes. We use machine learning, historical price changes, and constant marketplace monitoring to make sure your agents have the most up-to-date information at their disposal and the tools to benefit their clients.

Inventory Status

Amazon's inventory status information is readily available within the Merchant AI application. Combine your current inventory status with the latest forecast, and you will be prepared to avoid stock-outs and make sure your products are available for your customers at any time. You can keep your costs down by keeping the correct volume of inventory in Amazon warehouses and expedite inventory replenishment if needed.

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